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what is kurma mazafati bam?

The Mazafati date fruit or kurma mazafati bam is a plant species of the Palmacea family called Phoenix dactylifera. This type of date has large, dark violet, fleshy, and tasty fruits. Its best-quality type, which is mostly rise in the city of Bam (one of the tropical cities of Iran), has a thin, delicate texture, and its poor quality is a thick, dry skin that easily separates from flesh and doesn’t have a desirable quality.

The kurma mazafati harvest in Iran is in late August, and it will last until mid-October. Currently, these dates are sold with the Kimiaroz and Gilda brand in Iran and international markets.

kurma mazafati for sale 

export Mazafati date to Asian, European, American, and Australian countries

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One of the date wholesalers is the Kimiaroz Date Factory which exports its products all around the world. The products of this factory include a variety of fresh and dry dates such as Mazafati, Rabbi, Piarom, Zahedi, and various kinds of date products such as chopped dates and date paste. This producer and wholesaler of the dates can also produce custom products in the order of the customer such as sesame dates and walnut or pistachio dates. Kimiaroz, as one of the oldest date wholesale suppliers in Iran, has been exporting dates to India, France, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.
Those who plan to buy dates in bulk from this factory can call the WhatsApp 00989132896373 or email us.

Which types of dates are better: fresh or dry?

Which type of dates are good for health

Durability of dates: dried dates have low humidity and as a result they stay fresh for a long time while, the durability of fresh dates is for less than 8 to 10 months. Dry dates if kept in the refrigerator stays for 5 years. Therefore, dried dates in comparison with fresh dates have a higher durability.
Calorie: 100 gram dried dates contain 280 calories. While, 100 gram fresh dates have 145 calories. Therefore, for losing weight it’s better to eat fresh dates. But, if you want to gain weight you can get the extra calories from dried dates. Thus, the use of date types depends on the individual’s need.
 Nutrient: two types of dates have the same nutrient. Dates contain Iron, vitamin A (useful for eye health), Potassium (useful for heart), and Magnesium which cures diabetes, blood pressure, and depression.
Dates are abundant in Fructose. High amount of Fructose is harmful for the body. As it was said, there aren’t a lot of differences between the nutrition value of dried and fresh dates.
Energy: dates are abundant in Carbohydrate such as Sucrose, Fructose, and Glucose. They provide the energy needed for bodybuilding exercises. Dried and fresh dates are full of energy.
Fiber: dates have a lot of fibers. They prevent constipation. Dried dates have more fibers.
Dates are useful fruits. If you want to lose weight, in addition to daily exercises, you eat fresh dates. Different types of carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins create a feeling of satiety. But, if you want to gain weight, you eat dried dates which are full of calories.
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Our company kimiaroz dates is one of the biggest producer and exporter of different types and grades of Iranian pistachios, dates fruit and other nuts which located at Rafsanjan, Kerman Province, Iran.

We are ready to supply our products to all around the world. We assure our customers about the quality of our products.

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